Friday, July 21, 2006

Old Money, Hookers and Top Hats at the Track

Dillon and Mona had tickets to opening day at the Del Mar race track on wednesday. I had heard lots of things about the horse races but I had never acutally been to one. They had tickets to the Turf Club which is an exclusive upper level club with ah bar, betting room and seating area for people with connections. So we dressed as sharp as possible and found the most streamlined hats and hit it up. The scene was something of which i have never witnessed. We could barely walk as the entire Turf Club level was a cluster of 25-45 year old cash flashing executives mixed with a unprecendented amount of absolutley stunning 20-30 year old well dressed females. The Turf Club brings in 300 top level Las Vegas escorts to entertain businessmen from across the county. The girls drink the booze the men spend the cash, and the elitest lifestyle rolls on. Old money is a good way to describe it, I felt very lucky to be a part of the absurdity for one day. Couple a few eye fucks and a crotch grope or two, with a few drinks from the bar and we had enough excitment, consolidated our debts and retired to the house.

Take your sport coat off, and you will kindly be shown to the door.

Dillon headed to make some wagers at the "Large Transactions" window.

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