Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My First Print Ad!

My debut into the world of print advertisments is bitter sweet. A full page ad in FREESKIER which circulates 80,000 copies an issue with international distribution is definitely one of if not the biggest opportunities I have had since I started design 4 years ago. I shuffled through thousands of pictures, fooled with layouts for hours and learned about CMYK proofs, but wound up leaving Craig Coker's name off the riders list in the initial submitted draft. We caught it 20 minutes later and deleted the incorrect version from the server and uploaded a fixed copy a few hours later. No worries right? Not right… somehow, even after this correction and a series of email correspondence, the WRONG version went to print. Thankfully between my email trail with the FREESKIER staff, the file modified times and Pete Drago's juggernaut business phone call skills we should be able to get compensation for this mishap. Nonetheless I am ecstatic how it came out other than the mistake. The color correction looks phenomenal, its placed in the first 3rd of the magazine, opens to the left hand side and is right next to a booster strap AD!! WOOO! Just want to send out a huge apology to Craig for this fuck up. I feel bad and we are going to have to get you a ridiculously thugged out AD before this season is through.

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