Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Canada Departure

I am leaving for Canada tomorrow morning. Should be interesting, it will be amply documented so sit tight.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Old Money, Hookers and Top Hats at the Track

Dillon and Mona had tickets to opening day at the Del Mar race track on wednesday. I had heard lots of things about the horse races but I had never acutally been to one. They had tickets to the Turf Club which is an exclusive upper level club with ah bar, betting room and seating area for people with connections. So we dressed as sharp as possible and found the most streamlined hats and hit it up. The scene was something of which i have never witnessed. We could barely walk as the entire Turf Club level was a cluster of 25-45 year old cash flashing executives mixed with a unprecendented amount of absolutley stunning 20-30 year old well dressed females. The Turf Club brings in 300 top level Las Vegas escorts to entertain businessmen from across the county. The girls drink the booze the men spend the cash, and the elitest lifestyle rolls on. Old money is a good way to describe it, I felt very lucky to be a part of the absurdity for one day. Couple a few eye fucks and a crotch grope or two, with a few drinks from the bar and we had enough excitment, consolidated our debts and retired to the house.

Take your sport coat off, and you will kindly be shown to the door.

Dillon headed to make some wagers at the "Large Transactions" window.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Cove of Dreams

When god designed the western coastline of the United States he set aside the usual geographic features that one would come to expect at the edge of a continent. Inlets, cliffs, harbors, deltas, estuaries and bays. All of these things have come together to constitute a general mixture of water skirted territory that is found in any costal region of the globe. But one bay in particular lying somewhere south of Newport was made extra special. Servicing the beach like needs of a sickeningly flawless 500 home utopian community is a place called Emerald Bay. On a normal public beach, stringent laws forbid drinking and the usual debauchery that comes with it but as Emerald Bay is a private beach with no alcohol restrictions the beer flows freely and the bobbing fruit laden party punch sloshes with relative ease. Couple this liberal amount of alcohol consumption with every obscure outdoor sport imaginable and you have the most triumphant playground for summer frolic any person is likely to find. The next 22 photographs were the best of the 55 taken on this day. Peeep the E-Bay mini photo essay.

Matt taking advantage of every cubic inch provided by the softey cooler.

The priveleged resident only golf cart parking zone, strictly enforced.

Tyson with another totally unacceptable shirt. (See 4th of July entry)

The last thing any one would expect to see at the beach. Jager bombs.

Party punch, equipped with free floating fruit for that healthy finish.

Sotguns before the highly one sided volleyball faceoff.

Matt smoking number 8 of his 37 cigarettes of the afternoon.

Cory uncorking his typical squash ball showmanship.


On to cig number 22 of 38.


The camp in full disarray.

Living the dream.

Corn dog.


Squadron 1.

Squadron 2.

interACTiVE sun screen art courtesy Matt Jimenez.

Squadron 3.

The playmate prepared to warm us up.

Cory fine tuning the settings. Maximum speed, maximum top spin.

The ball machine is strictly reserved for serious tennis use only.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh My God

I just stumbled across Madrid based creative design syndicate SerialCut. A few times a month I see something that actually makes my breath shallow and my digits tingle. This one did it for July... Check it out.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ABSTRACTmall shirts...

I just got back from Santa Ana dropping off the artwork for the new ABSTRACTmall shirts. They will be pretty limited edition as only 48 are printed. Should be ready by the 26th... Get stoked.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

4th of July, Tanks, Alcohol and Explosives

4th of July is always anarchy in Huntington Beach/ Newport every year. Dylan and I decided to make some interACTiVE tank tops at about 3PM on July 3rd so we mobilized what little resources we had and came up with a pretty cool concept. You can see in the photos below the creative process, starting with the initial bleach splatter, to the first prototype and finally to the tank tops in action. The last picture is a photo of Tyson wearing the opposite of what we made, the most unacceptable shirt of the day...





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