Monday, September 24, 2007

theSPOTL!GHTproject Trailer

I am trying to make a ski movie, and its really hard. This is the trailer, about the only thing done. It is composed of a mixture of footage that I shot from Colorado public parks, urban and the two closed shoots I was lucky enough to attend, as well as scattered footage from Level 1, Shades of Gray, ATA and Poor Boyz. I am anxious to make more headway on the main project to see if this much footage from ulterior sources can flow in a time line, because usually it doesn't. But with school and life it is difficult to go enough places with enough people to make a movie. It is actually so difficult that I have decided a movie can't be made right as a full time student and this winter I am going to film less and shreddd more.

theSPOTL!GHTproject is a Jiberish/ABSTRACTmall/Level 1 collabo and the first aMcinema presentation ever. It will be digitally distributed on for download, the same price you would pay for a Mike Jones song on iTunes? Heck yeah it's the same price as a Mike Jones song on iTunes, because content is king and Court's digital download gate is LEGIT. Peep it in it's entirety on October 28th.

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