Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Crowning Gallery Event

Well this is certainly a late update because I have been non stop busy, and unable to blahhhg. This summer I had the chance to be in an Art Gallery in Dnever! Woo! Via Dave Boger of Jiberish Clothing's awesome networking skills we befriended Mike Walter, a gallery owner working on Denver's emerging art boulevard, Santa Fe Street, and were lucky enough to be offered a month show featuring the artists behind Jiberish. I was joined by design phenom Matt Yerman, photographer Jack Boyd, Jiberish OG art man, John Kirk, photographer Chip Kalback and the newest addition to the Jiberish creative clan, Michael Coriano.

I wrapped up spring finals week, did a quick jet set back to CA to see the fam, and then returned to Colorado with just 3 and 1/2 weeks to grind out some gallery items before the June 6th opening. After 3 days of failing miserably to stay on task in the distracting party junk show that is Boulder in the Summertime I decided to pack up the mainframe and move into an open room at Gabe Anderson's house. So it was thus at what Jack coined 'Art Camp' I would spend the next weeks pumping out Illustrator and Photoshop design work and get a taste for the lifestyle of a gallery artist. Struggling to stay motivated on the end result while burning countless hours daily in front of the computer, ALONE, I have a new appreciation for the commitment and resolve of people like Jason Thielke, Shepard Fairey and other like minded gallery mercenaries put up to do what they do year after year.

All in all 'Art Camp' went well, and I was able to create a three canvas set based off a slide tray illustration I had done years ago...

I also did a large 4' by 6' collage panel of four different digital design pieces. After, numerous Home Depot binge sessions, and 16 hours of straight construction and adhesion, this monstrosity came to life at 4:45AM the morning before the show.

The gallery opening itself was quite triumphant. It was slated for a 'First Friday Art Walk' an event that Santa Fe is (in)famous for. Although I had heard it described numerous times as nothing short of a practical pub crawl for art interested Denver-ites, I definitely did not grasp the magnitude of the gathering until I saw it first hand. The dozen or two art galleries peppered up and down Santa Fe all switch up their displays and then feed everyone cocktails from 3 until 11 PM. As the sun dipped behind the Rockies, the street continued to swell with pedestrians, to the point where walking was difficult. If you haven't been to a First Friday before, hit it up, its a rager!

Balancing partying and looking like a respectable young artisan, I was greeted by a buyer interested in the triptych canvas set around 6:00 in the evening. After jiving with the friendly gentlemen for a few minutes he pulled the trigger and that was that, my first fine art sale went down. The lucky recipients are the owner and wife of Denver based production studio Uptown 6. Apparently their new canvases are adorning one of the creative spaces in their workplace, which makes me very happy that they are getting plenty of use!

All in all it was a great experience to start the summer, and an awesome event for Jiberish to have under its belt. I wish I had more time to prepare and hope that I will have the chance to do something like this again in the future with many months to design and plan. Big thanks to Mike Walter the Jiberish family and my parents who supported me while I was grindin'.

Freeskier's Mike Thomas showed up and pumped out a sweet video as well. Click the image above to go watch!

Scoot on over to to pick up canvases and trinkets from the event. Click here to go now!

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