Friday, December 26, 2008

Dew Tour and FuelTV

This past weekend Matt Yerman and myself were asked by the awesome folks over at Fuse Marketing to hang art for the Dew Tour Ski and Snowboard competition in Breckenridge, Colo. This three stop winter action sports tour pulls five local artists and musicians from each stop to participate in the Dew Underground program which offers visitors a glimpse into some of the local culture and artistry.

They set up an impressive inflatable dome at the River Walk Complex alongside installations from Nike 6.0, Toyota, FuelTV and other attendees of the pop up tent schwag corrale, Dew Underground staffers entertained passerbys with free Mountain Dew, Vinyl stickers and of course, our art. I hung some more Crowning Gallery Event pieces as I have been swamped with school with no time to make new stuff.

Tim from Fuse was syked enough on me to forward my work to FuelTV. About 2 weeks before the event I was contacted by them to do a 2 minute interview! I of course said yes, and in between two hectic finals last week was able to jam down to Denver to talk about myself. The producer Drew, used to work for FuelTV but got sick of the cubicle and now has my dream job; traveling the globe with a high def camera, a microphone and a laptop to cut segments for the channel. He did a great job editing the piece and was able to skillfully incorporate standard definition B-Roll design lapses I gave him into his high def final.

Anytime you are rambling into the microphone about how cool you are, its tough to guess whether you sound like a grateful and confident up and coming artisan or a complete clown. But after seeing the final product I am not ashamed, I think it came out quite nice. I was then informed on Saturday while spending time shredding with good friends and company in celebration of my 22nd anniversary of birth that I was on NBC during afternoon coverage of the event. STOKED. Check out the interview below… All pictures above were shot by Jiberish photo foot soldier, Chip Kalback.

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