Sunday, April 23, 2006

Librivox - Open Source MP3 Audio Books & American McGee's Alice

Friday was a rough night... I went out to see Silent Hill with a few of my friends and althought the cinematography was great, the movie itself fell short. Adding to the disappointment of the night was my fit of vomitting. Even at the movies, I had to get an empty popcorn bag (which they don't give out very kindly) to use as a hurl catcher.

It wasn't a great night but I used the time as an insomniac watching the movie Tears of the Sun which I highly recommend, I watched it once normal and then again with "Africa Facts" subtitles and the director's commentary and writer's commentary! What a crappy situation... From there I went online and researched vigilante groups to see if anyone was taking matters into their own hands (the UN isn't recognizing the genocide going on there and it's really sad that no one is standing up). The movie had ended with the quote:

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.
-Edmund Burke

I don't know how it happened but I somehow came across Lewis Carroll within Wikipedia and it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, and more specifically American McGee's Alice the video game (who's official website has been taken down by EA) despite its cult following. So... What I realize is that I have never read the original Alice in Wonderland! So I started searching for neat pictures from the video game and some of the illustrations put out by other inspired people. One of the pages I found actually had a few chapters from the book to accompany the pictures and it got me all interested and reading.

I was so amped at this point that I could hardly think of sleep and part of me actually wanted to head over to Barnes and Noble to buy the book ASAP (this is how I live). Fortunately for me I kept searching online and found this awesome NPR article about free audio books talking all about a new site called Librivox. This site is my pick of the year! They take public domain literature and have it read by normal people and then submit individual chapters that are pieced together online and distributed for free via the Librivox website! I have been waiting for this my whole life... I immediately downloaded Alice in Wonderland and listened to it that night (along with the occasional vomiting session).

UPDATE: I tried to install and run American McGee's Alice, which is published by Electronic Arts (EA) and found that it will no longer run on PC's with Windows XP. I tried for nearly three hours! and searched the web for patches, updates, anything that might help but nothing did... I finally went to ebay and ordered a copy for my Apple PowerBook for $30. This game is so worth it, I wish they had kept it patched for all of you first timers to experience on the PC, alas. The only way to acquire this title today is to head on over to Aspyre and order the Leave the Lights on 3 Pack for Mac. Be sure to download the patches to update the game for OSX under the support tab on the Alice for Mac Aspyre page.


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