Saturday, June 24, 2006

Moving to Pacifica

Well, it's official. I'm completely relocated to California and my job has just started in San Francisco. Not quite as artistic as Blake or Dillon, I'm gettin some business skilllz from the bay area and surfing it up in between.

So yesterday I went out to my local break, just strolled down the street in my small town of Linda Mar and paddled out. I'm still developing that "surfer's intuition" and sometimes I end up in a bad spot. This time I had actually just caught a wave and was paddling back out when a heavy set rolled in. My only thought was to paddle faster but unfortunately I was in "the zone" and guys were charging right at me. I could tell I was in the way so I started heading to the left and waving my arm to let this guy know but he charged me anyway and shot his longboard at me. I took a hard hit on the left side of my face and my ear started bleeding. Luckily I always wear a helmet (no matter the sport) so I was fine but it clocked me pretty good.

Once I got back on my board I shouted to the guy that it was a good thing I had my helmet (hoping his move was an accident) but he shot back at me with "yeah I don't want my board dented" and my heart sort of sunk.

For the most part things are good around here and 90% of the guys and girls I meet out on the waves are cool. I guess the hour long commute can wear some people down and all they have left is agression on the waves.


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