Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Xbox 360 Adidas Commercial

The Adidas commercial that comes preloaded on the Xbox 360 premium edition keeps crashing my system? It gets all the way to the end and then bam, my system shuts off and the lights on the front do a flashing red signal? Is anyone else getting this...

On a more positive note, the commercial is pretty cool, it features pro soccer players running on a field made of metal beams where anyone could fall off into space! They do a lot of acrobatic tricks and guys keep getting knocked off the sides, it's pretty extreme.

When I was a Zero Hour in the Mojave Desert at Hangar 71 Adidas stuff was sort of interlaced with the Xbox 360 signage. We all received Adidas hoodies with Zero Hour printed on them and they still had the price tags attached stating $49.99 which made us feel pretty special. Adidas also erected "the worlds largest foosball table" outside of the hangars and it featured a lifesized soccer ball as the foosball! Inside of the hangars there were small Adidas advertisements and a few plastic stands with Adidas shoes inside of them.

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