Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Artistic Batman Trailer - Dark Knight

Batman is one of my all time favorite movies and the new trailer is very well done. No action, no guns, no girls, just voice overs and a sick fading logo. I really like the way it relies on hearing rather than seeing, it's very engaging. I'm sure the visuals in the new Batman Movie - The Dark Knight - will be sick, but it's a nice to mix it up, at least in the trailer. Very Hitchcock, leaving the drama to the imagination instead of on screen.

Christian Bale has been doing a wonderful job, his voice is very distinct and it's been a real treat to see a classic movie like Batman redone in an entirely new way. It's a completely new take on the Batman Series, and arguably just as well done (for their time) as the originals.

Who doesn't want to save the world, put an end to senseless violence, and be near untouchable with kung fu bat skills? For other great ass kicking/artistic/philosophical movies starring Christian Bale doing "gun kata" check out Equilibrium and its For Sale Here with a 4.5 rating from Amazon.

Check out this sick screenshot of the Joker piece
from the new Batman Dark Night trailer.

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