Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cell Phones for Soldiers

What the heck are people supposed to do with their old crappy cell phones once they buy the shiny new iphone? or worse... upgrade from the old crappy iphone to the new one that has gps and better reception? or maybe you're holding out for the gphone?

When it came time for me to upgrade phones, Verizon provided a little satchel for recycling my old phone - great idea right! Nobody wants cell phone battery acid leaking out into dumps across the US... or any of the foreign countries we ship our crap off to. So the recycling thing is a great idea, and I've also seen bins at Best Buy for recycling phones so it's a strong option.

So the problem has been solved right? Not quite, there are still a few dedicated minds out there toiling away on creative ways to repurpose old cell phones. Those minds recently came up with a brilliant idea: donate used cell phones to soldiers. My room mate made an order off of and when it arrived, along with the other junky fliers, there was a little baggy as shown below.

The Verizon bag says "HopeLine from Verizon Wireless, Verizon is proud to provide this wireless phone and battery recycling program, go to

The Cell Phones For Soldiers bag says "Help Our Troops Call Home, It's free and convenient to turn in your used cell phone. Phones can be any condition or brand and do not need to have batteries, go to

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