Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mean California Dream

Life can be tough out here in California... Work all day, come home in traffic, work some more at night (on your startup, in my case ABSTRACTmall and Sustainable Online Solutions), head over to gymnastics for a couple of hours (I do gymnastics and coach little kids), then watch an episode of The Office with the roomies and maybe get in a blog post or two before bed.

I get a lot of people asking me "do you sleep" because I do so many things... ps. tomorrow night Stumbleupon is having a party in San Francisco, pps. the San Jose Ballet is this weekend, ppps. I haven't practiced my Spanish or guitar playing much lately, pppps. the surf is good lets get out there... you get the idea. Wow, California has such beautiful weather! But there's just so much to do, just to survive here with gas prices, food, rent.

So I just spit this quote out the other day when I was on the phone with my friend. I've been sort of up and down lately, depressed and at the same time super excited. I can hardly sleep at night because my mind is spinning but I'm yawning all day at work. My friend was challenging me about doing so many things and I was explaining that sometimes one's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Then I said "If I'm not going to keep living, then why am I alive?"

That's the quote, and here's a nice picture of graffiti that I took while exploring Europe in 2006. I think it illustrates a similar point.

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