Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Joke

So what can we learn from Batman? Don't spend your life being obsessed with revenge. What can we learn from the Joker? A lot more...

Do we blow their ferry boat or do they blow ours? Their boat is full of convicts.
Do we let them attack our country or do we invade theirs? Their country is full of terrorists.

When someone tries to force you to believe that there are only two evil options sometimes the best option is to step back and think about who you want to be. Having already spent One-Hundred-Sixty-Six Billion dollars and counting in Iraq, what else could we have done with that money, and our reputation in the world, and our lives?

One solar panel costs roughly $1,000 and produces up to 200Kw. It is estimated that for under One-Hundred-Billion dollars the US could run completely on solar power (which would also lower the cost of this technology for the world). This would not only help us become independent in terms of energy, it would save thousands of US (and foreign) lives, prevent countless mental trauma cases and further domestic abuse to and by soldiers, and significantly improve the environment we live in - saving animals if nothing less (global warming true or false, it doesn't matter, nobody wants to live in polluted cities).

What the fuck when wrong people? Can we prevent this sort of thing in the future? Maybe the joke was on us?

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