Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally an Update! (now with mp3 links)

I am alive. Working on tons of stuff!

Stuff I am working on:
*DJ stuff
*Happy Holidays Film
*Interactive Apparel Winter/Spring Line
*new editing/greenscreen/videoFX job in LA (graveyard shift)
**keeping in contact with friends and making my girl happy

Bigger updates and my own media coming soon
maybe some graphics, music, video
who knows what...

Check out a new production house I found, they are my new favorite.

MTV advert "happymart"

All He Needs (short film)

Van She - Kelly (music video)

Van She - Kelly (song)
Van She - Kelly [Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix] (song)

The music video in the happymart advert is here

Fedde le Grand - Put Your Hands Up for Detroit (radio edit) (song)
This song has been blowing up in Ibiza! The beat is undeniable.
Then I found a (way decent) rap version and a mashup that I can't leave you without!
Fedde le Grand ft. King Gordy & Bizarre - Put Your Hands Up for Detroit (Rap Version) (song)
Fedde le Grand vs. Eric Prydz - Put Your Hands Up for Proper Education (song)

The Message is in the Media

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