Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rainbow Stylin'!

If you have not seen the toon, Adventure Time, yet check it out

if google video doesn't work here is a link for the video on youtube

It is awesome. My ideal cartoon, the sense of humor is great, it's really mellow but hilarious. The animation style is really original, and looks like a mix of many different styles. It looks like something that would be on Adult swim, but keeps that Nickelodeon feel. I hope it becomes a series.

Neptune sent me this video for swedish pop group The Similou, which is epic.

The song is perfect to me. The synth lead is just as 8-bit and fun as Kirby's Dream Land.
Just another reason the swedes have got the best music.
The Similou - All This Love
Bonus! The Similou - All This Love (The Young Punx Club Mix)
Buy on iTunes

And I can't wait till june to break the bank for the iPhone.
here is a (sorta) in depth look

Here is a massive image of the iPhone

Working on a mix to be out by the end of January.
Also working on a fun work-out mix for chicks by the end of February.

Keep in touch.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Justice!

† † † † † jus†ice † † † † †

Scary electro that apparently samples some track off a Dario Argento soundtrack but it’s still that Justice we know and love.

Justice - Phantom (full version, Myspace rip) (zShare)

Justice - Phantom (Faex re-edit) (zShare) (fantastic remix, right off the bat)
Faex uses the original track, that Justice samples, from the Dario Argento soundtrack to “Tenebrea” and blends it with “Phantom”

thank you discobelle!

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