Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Jesus Phone.

So last night Timi and I popped into the Apple Store at South Coast Plaza (bonus trivia: South Coast was the 4th Apple Store ever opened) to have a peek at the iPhone. A peek turned into a tour, a tour turned into an investigation, and before I knew it, it had been monopolizing one of the 9 or 10 floor models for over an hour. It's literally that good.

The Pros:
-The screen is gorgeous. The LCD is rated at 160PPI (pixels per inch). For a reference, your average laptop/desktop monitor screens are either 72 or 96PPI. This screen is a stunner - text is super crisp, videos and photos are beautiful and bright.

-The OS is super responsive. It was able to handle multiple things at the same time, and believe me, I taxed it; opening multiple internet windows, playing music, setting up a Bluetooth connection, sending emails and texts, all at the same time. Most of the time it performed beautifully (see why only "most of the time" in the Cons). The UI has a lot of little flair animations here and there (like when you send something to the trash, or create a new tab in the web browser) that really add to the polish and don't manage to be too in-your-face.

-Battery life looks like it might very well hold up just fine in real world situations. In the hour that I used it, what with running all of those tasks concurrently, the battery was still around 92-95%.

-The phone features are great. Timi and I initiated a conference call with 4 lines and each one came through clear - the phone didn't even flinch at adding that many lines. Looking at all the calls you have on hold and switching back and forth is really as easy as the demos indicate.

The Cons:
-EDGE. It's old, it's slow, pages take ages to render, YouTube is a gamble at times. For full-on internet use, I would stick to Wi-Fi. Personally, I'm gonna wait around until there's 3G support. AT&T has a 3G network in Orange County, so the network is already there. Now all that I need is the device to utilize it. I give it maybe 12-15 months before Apple rolls out a next-gen device.

-No Flash support. So much for the "real internet." Hopefully we'll see something in the future with a software update or something.

-The OS can lag. While most of the time it's a joy to use, there are times when it can stick. For instance, if too much is going on in the background and you rotate the screen to view it in landscape mode, it can lag anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds before the screen catches up and turns with you. Also, sometimes if you open up a new tab in the web browser and go off to do other things and assume it'll load the page in the background, you're going to come back only to find that a blank screen – you need to actually wait in the web app for the page to fully load. Minus one on the multitasking side of things.

-The keyboard is lacking. The software isn't necessarily as "smart" as touted by Apple. It only corrected my mistakes a couple times, and the remainder of the time it just kept the misspelling intact ("junk" kept as "jink"...I guess junk isn't a very common word as per the iPhone's dictionary). I suppose with practice (i.e. owning the thing) you'd get a lot better with it. This is, incidentally enough, not a phone that you're going to want to text with while driving, although I know that within the coming weeks we're gonna see some bozo get in an accident while trying to send email/messages while behind the wheel.

-Default ringtones aren't anything to write home about. Apparently, there might be a way to add your own songs as ringtones in the future as per some goodies found in the iTunes 7.3 update, but concrete info on that has yet to surface. Until then, no personalized ringtones for your contacts and no using songs for ringtones. Kind of a bummer.

I wouldn't let the cons hold anyone else back though (although they may be holding me back). There's no denying that this is definitely a watershed moment for Apple and that this device will see some serious market innovation within the US mobile sphere in relation to other manufacturers. It's not so much the hardware or any one feature that really makes is a remarkable device, but all of the features combined into such a nice little package that makes it so appealing, and I think sales in the next few months will echo that sentiment.

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At June 30, 2007 8:06 PM , tmedesign said...

dont forget the feature of jizz i put in its dock slot.


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