Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Art of Adam Betts

I've patronized Adam's site a few times in the past 6 months or so, but I never really looked around enough – I more or less popped in, downloaded what I wanted/needed and went on my way. While getting a Firefox icon tonight (if you're ever in need of a good CS3 icon pack, definitely hit this guy's site up), I finally took the time to look around and find out more of what he was all about.

According to this interview, he started out in design when he was about 12 and just kind of kept at it. By the looks of his site, he's really honed in on his technique and style. I really think it's one of those things that tough to do – to kind of figure out what "look" works best for you and kind of sticking with it as a general theme, but not overdoing it too much. I particularly like the subtle elements he has going on - the CSS transparencies, tasteful use of reflections, rounded corners.

Great design, seems like an awesome guy. I highly recommend taking a look.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


a business consulting firm called bluesolutions contacted us about a month ago to do a company shirt design. arming us with a basic direction and virtually no time restraints, they set us to work trying to come up with some brand identity pieces.

ultimately what we came up with were clean, simple, yet whimsical pieces that convey a uniqueness that would set bluesolutions apart, but also fun and not overpoweringly corporate or stuffy. check it.

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The Laguna Art Museum is currently holding an exhibit entitled 'OsCene' featuring artists that hail from, you guessed it, Orange County. I attended it a couple weeks ago for my design class (our mandatory 'field trip'), and I was really surprised by the quality of the work. Granted, to get into any exhibition, your work has to be exemplary, but the sheer amount of awesome contemporary work crammed into one location was mind-boggling. Everything from traditional pieces to work done by tattoo artists to situational pieces was present. If you're ever in the area (the exhibit goes til January 21, 007) I highly recommend taking a gander - be sure to check out "Ground" by Joe Biel, "Lake Shore" by Arie Galles, and "Gettysburg" by Carleton Christy. You'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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2D design class madness

so i'm in a 2D design class this semester with timi and we've been coming up with some pretty cool shit. it's pretty much been a free-for-all in terms of what they let you do - there's no real "rules" governing each assignment, so it's more or less just a have-at-it kind of deal. everything we do is done by hand, but i've used photoshop a few times to lay stuff out before i paint, etc. here's a few pieces i've done that i'm kind of fond of (a couple are still in progress).

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