Friday, July 6, 2007

fotografia: summer oh-seven

So I've been trying to get out and do more shooting this summer, and I didn't really realize how much I've done until I finally sat down tonight and began sifting through the past 2 months worth of material. I'm currently in the process of recompiling my portfolio and getting a new photo website put together, so now was a good time as any to start looking through all my stuff and get a rough idea of what would be good.

So here's a sampler. I'm still working out the finer points on some, others have already had the full post-production treatment.

Audi A4



Goofing Around

"As an artist, I find myself constantly reinventing the wheel – trying out new techniques, constantly going outside my comfort zone in terms of ability, and really striving for bigger and better things all the time.

Art is also a release for me in many ways. It takes all my energies, be they positive or negative, and transposes them into some kind of form of artistic expression. It essentially keeps me sane. But in that relationship, there's a kind of give-and-take – I constantly find myself unable to produce good work unless there is some kind of driving force behind it. That is to say, I am wholly unable to just sit down and have at it. There needs to be some kind of catalyst, be it emotional, theological, philosophical, religious (not so much, but it happens). I hate to sound pretentious, but there needs to be some kind of meaning behind it and not just be art for art's sake.

You listen to Beethoven or Mozart or Salieri and then read some of the tidbits that they were have known to say and you see that for these men, music was a religious experience – they felt as if they were the conduit for the voice of God, that God was speaking to mankind through their music. And that's what kept those men going, that was the driving force behind their art. Not to imply that I feel that God is the driving force behind my art (I'm 1) not the religious type, and 2) perhaps more selfishly, I like to take credit for my work), but an element of that kind of divine artistic spark is there.

With photography, I feel that the subject is that divine spark; they are the driving force behind my art. It is their energy that I ultimately feed off of, that I turn around and make my own. It is their exuberance, their happiness, sadness, that I try to coax to the surface even if just for a second. But in that second, in that glimpse, that glimmer of humanity, of raw energy, I feel that I am exposing the very nature of what we are as individuals, as humans."

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

photoshoot 05.18.07

So my friend Kalyn and I did a shoot for a photo contest a few weeks back, the theme of which is "Feeling Sexy". We commandeered my cousin's house and proceeded to lay photographic waste to the surrounding environs. The 4 hour shoot yielded about 560 photos, of which I needed to pick one to submit. Here were the final ones that I narrowed my selection down to. I'll let you choose your favorite.


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model homes

andy and i discovered a whole slew of new backdrop material on friday: model homes. we were skeptic at first but once we got in there and saw how much potential material there was, we were overwhelmed. so with only 30 minutes before lockup, posing as the children of potential buyers that "unfortunately couldn't be here today", we got as many shots as we could, grabbed a couple bottles of complementary water and were on our way.

this is the best we could glean in the time given. we'll be hitting more up later this week.


checkmate, bitch!

rollin columbian drug lord stylieeee

...and there was water


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i realized that i was definately lagging behind when i saw that blake got photos up and was only back for a few days and i've been back for a week with naught to show for it. so i sprung into action accordingly.

35 West Wacker Dr.

just made it.

that's a lot of church...



the oriental seen from afar.


prime example of the varying architectural styles found in chicago.

condos towering over the streets.

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I don't have anything in particular to post at the moment.

I did update my photo portfolio a couple weeks ago, but that's kind of old news. There'll be some new stuff up there in the coming weeks - since it's summer I'm on a mission to get as much done as possible, be it film, photo, graphics, what have you.


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